Ace Showcase Grass Seed (N71368)

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Ace Showcase Grass Seed (N71368)
Sold as each. All purpose. 45.0% Pinnacle & Premier Perennial Rye Grass, 30.0% Barzan & Baron Kentucky Bluegrass 98/85, 15.0% Bridgeport Chewings Fescue 10.0% Bargena Creeping Red Fescue. Produces the darkest green best quality lawn Ideal for overseeding sparse existing lawns. May be planted anytime during the growing season. Boxed. 1 Lb.; 600 Sq Ft New. Lawn, 1200Sq Ft Existing Lawn. Manufacturer’s number: N71368. Country of origin: United States. Distributed by Barenbrug Usa.
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