This is a superior soil for your bonsai. Japanese masters use akadama for their highest quality bonsai ? both to promote root growth and provide a medium for optimal water and nutrient retention. Akadama is time tested over centuries in Japan. It is mined from ancient volvanic “soils?, then spread to dry and sifted to separate the grain sizes. In addition to bonsai, akadama has universal uses due to its ability to hold water and nutrients without being water logged. The characteristics of this “soil? includes it?s porosity, stability and it?s ability to store water and mineral nutrients and release these to plant roots. Akadama facilitates fine hair root growth. It is ideal for pot growth because of its properties of moisture retention, drainage and air space. Peat, compost and humus can increase fertility but rapidly break down in container culture because of frequent watering. These organic materials retain water and increase the risk of root rot. Akadama is a great general use “soil? or as an additive to other mixes. All plants do well in akadama, including azaleas, cactus, succulents, orchids and houseplants. I use akadama straight for struggling plants and have great results. I have seen incredible differences in root growth on plants grown in akadama, mainly for its ability to promote fine hair roots. It simplifies repotting chores since roots are fibrous rather and hard and thick. This makes it easier on hands and tools also. Akadama is what the Japanese use and the best soil to use with any bonsai. Adadama is ideal for all bonsai and plants because it tells you when to water, promotes fine feeder roots and is long lasting. When akadama is a light tan color, that means it is dry and when it is a dark brown color, that means it has enough water for the bonsai. You can not over water with akadama. I have found by using akadama that my bonsai do much better, look healthier and are all around easier to care for. It is amazing t


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