Grow it on the Patio! Just 2 feet high and wide in containers, larger in the garden. 70 days. Balmoral is a space-saving Pattypan Squash with a unique fruit set: the big, scalloped white fruits arise along the stems, like Brussels Sprouts! Instead of the plant sprawling, it grows in a neat and compact fashion, studded with huge 6- to 8-inch-diameter pattypans!When grown in containers, this plant reaches about 2 feet high and wide. In the garden, it will be somewhat larger (3 to 4 feet). A summer squash with mild flavor, Balmoral grows readily and sets very high yields. Try out this space-saver on the patio or in the vegetable patch this season! Pkt is 15 seeds.

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CURVED HOOK ::7″ ::Hand forged ::Powder coated wrought iron for durable ::Black ::Boxed : : : : : : Email This Page : Printer Friendly Page : : ::: : : ::About Us | Terms And Conditions | Shipping from Warehouse across US | Returns Policy | Privacy Statement | Having Problems with our Shopping Cart?:: :We ship within US, Canada, Europe and Internationally Subscribe For Newsletter :View our HTML Catalogue : ::We are an authorized Ace Hardware Dealer shipping from Warehouses across the US.:Copyright 2002 – 2007. All rights reserved. :If you need assistance with ordering or experiencing website problems please email us at :Site Designed by Elpis Networks Inc.


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Big White Blooms Just 43 Days from Sowing on Weather-Tough Plants! 3 1/2-inch blooms begin early and just keep coming, for an especially long season! Begin the Petunia season a week or two earlier this year with big, gleaming white blooms! Like favorite guests, Celebrity Petunias come early and stay late! With the fastest average bloomtime of any Floribunda, they pop up in the garden just 43 days after sowing–when the vigorous plants are no more than 4 inches tall! And they keep up the good show over a very long season, continuing for several weeks after others have given up. Part of this endurance is due to great resistance to adverse weather, from rain and humidity to warm nights–Celebrity keeps its neat, mounded habit and plentiful blooms through it all! The plants eventually reach 8 to 10 inches high, making them a great size for both garden and container. Very impressive, carefree performers, they have been wowing gardeners for more than a decade, and we have named them Park’s High Performers for super

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Obedient Plant Pink Bouquet (Physostegia virginiana) :Rose flowers, grows 3 ft. This moisture loving perennial has lovely flower spikes. Flowers remain at any angle turned. Can be planted in sun or shade. Plant 12″ apart. Hardy in zones: 4-8. Blooms August through September. Physostegia virginiana was given the name “obedient plant” because if a flower is pushed to one side it stays in that position. It is a very hardy and easy to grow perennial. ::Hardiness Zone: 4-8

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Big Greenish-White Blooms are Striped, Splashed, and Stippled with Rosy Color! 4-inch double blooms with every degree of marking in rose, red, and pink! Just for fun, Candy Stripe introduces a whole new palette of color into the solid shades for which Zinnias are known–stripes, splashes, and flecks of brilliant color! These fully-double, Dahlia-flowered blooms have petals of greenish-white, liberally marked with red, rose, and pink. From bold splashes and stripes to pencil-thin outlines, these markings distinguish each bloom as unique. And you get plenty of them on bushy, very well-branched 2-foot plants!Zinnias are one of the easiest annuals to grow, and attract butterflies to the garden. They are outstanding in beds, borders, and containers, are are the perfect cut flower–the more you cut, the more you get! They thrive in the sun and heat of summer, and ask only well-drained soil. Their biggest enemy is mildew, so water them with a soaker hose or other ground-based spray to minimize wetting the foliage–o

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This is a six- pack of 10-inch classic deep brown bonsai pots with matching humidity trays. All made of a poly-resin with a slightly matted finish. These pots are durable won’t crack in the winter retain their color for years and are extremely economical. These pots include drainage mesh. These bonsai pots and trays are the biggest selling color and style of bonsai pots in the world. Measurements are: 9 1/2 x 6 3/4 x 2 3/4

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A New World Marigold — Bigger Flowers and More of Them! Combines the best characteristics of French and African Marigolds. Have you grown New World Marigolds yet? A cross of the French and African species (T. patula x T. erecta), they bring you bigger blooms over a longer period, better weather resistance, and better branching (for even more blooms!). These flowers set no seed, so they keep making flowers instead of devoting their late-season energy into growing seeds. The result is extra weeks of garden glory!Zenith Red is one of the largest Marigolds we have ever seen, period. The glorious rich red double blooms, each petal slimly outlined in gold, reach 3 to 4 inches wide. And they begin early and stay late in garden or container!The plants are tall (14 to 16 inches) and very vigorous, with a denser, better-branched habit than traditional French or African types. And they’re triploids, which means they have extra chromosomes, for greater strength and bloom power!New World Marigolds (also known as “mule” M

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Korean Hornbeams have pointed serrated relatively shiny leaves that contrast nicely with their medium gray bark. Their branches require wiring which makes them especially desirable for the more serious hobbyists. Your Korean Hornbeam is a 10 year old outdoor bonsai and stands approximately twelve inches tall. A personalized message card and care information are included. Cut off time for next day delivery availability on this product is 3 pm ET. This product is not available for delivery to Alaska or Hawaii.

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The First-Ever DWARF of its Kind — in 4 Warm Colors! Big, airy blooms from early summer till fall!` Now you can enjoy the airy blooms and bushy habit of Cleome like you’ve always wanted — up close, instead of shoved in the back of the border! This dwarf hybrid Spider Flower mix gives you armloads of blooms over a very long season on plants that don’t exceed 4 feet tall! The butterflies and hummingbirds will be delighted, and so will you.This mix offers big, 4- to 6-inch spidery blooms of white, lavender, rosy-red, and AAS-award-winning blush (pink with white brushstrokes). They hold well on the plant and are wonderfully long-lasting as cutflowers. The dark green foliage is narrow and stylish, too, making an attractive back drop for the big, fluffy blooms.This plant begins flowering in early summer (as soon as the hot weather arrives) and doesn’t quit until the temperature drops in fall. A sun-lover, it is at home in the baking-hot border, bed, or patio, and once established is quite tolerant of dry conditio

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Easily grown and in full beauty when the last of the spring flowers have faded and before most of the summer kinds are in bloom. An excellent mixture of double flowers in red, white, pink and rose. Ideal for cutting or flower gardens. Plant in full sun or partial sun. Grows 18-24 inches high. Plants 15-20 inches apart. Attracts butterflies! The proper name for this plant is Pyrethrum ‘Robinson Hybrid’. Hardy in zones 5-9. ::Hardiness Zone: 5-9

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The Best Tall Snap for Home Gardens! Long Bronze Plumes on Heat-Tolerant Plants! 2 1/2- to 3-foot plants are densely packed with thick bloomspikes The unrivalled king of the Tall Snaps, Rocket boasts big, densely-packed plumes atop vigorous 2 1/2- to 3-foot plants, glowing with bronzy-gold flowers in cool, sunny weather! The more you cut, the more you get with this very floriferous performer, and the flowers emit a rich, spicy scent you will love in the garden or the vase!This tall variety is best in the back of the border, the bed, or the cutting garden. It combines well with other spring and fall annuals, adding plenty of vertical color. The blooms open from the bottom up on these long spikes, so the lower blooms are in full flower when the tip of the spike is still tighlty budded. A beloved favorite of gardeners across the country for its spectacular color and robust garden performance, Rocket is the Snap you want for dramatic blooms and plenty of them!If you have never “snapped” a Snapdragon, here is how

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