Get Your Berries Off the Ground with this Set of 4 Bags! Durable, lightweight green back is easy to use and reusable! Grow your strawberries at eye level with this durable, lightweight, reusable green plastic pouch! Simply fill this pouch with potting soil and set a seedling into each of the criss-cross openings. Water the seedlings well and let the strawberry plant roots develop for about 2 weeks. Then hang the pouch where your strawberries will grow best! Plants grown off the ground boast cleaner fruit and foliage, with less loose dirt, pests, and disease. And your back will thank you at harvest time — no bending or stooping! The 5-hole pouch can be converted to a 2-sided planter by slitting 5 more holes in the back. Each package contains 4 Growin’ Bags.

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If you want to start plenty of healthy, well-branched seedlings with good root systems in a compact space, rely on Park’s Seed-Starting Cell Inserts! This 72-unit insert gives every seedling its own separate space for development before transplanting into the garden. They are economical and reusable, and are relied upon by professional growers for premium-quality plants.Made of black poly-plastic, each cell offers good drainage and plenty of room to grow. Use them to germinate seeds, or transplant seedlings from seed flats into them to grow on before setting out into the garden. One 72-cell insert fits perfectly into our bottom tray, which acts as a water catcher and carrying unit.If you would prefer to grow even larger seedlings for transplant, these inserts are also available in 36-cell and 48-cell sizes, which also fit into the bottom trays. Mix and match all you like for the best possible start for your garden!

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A $33.35 Value! Everything You Need for Early Tomatoes! Contains Tomato Boomers, AlgoFlash, Red Mulch, and Kozy Coats! Ready to grow the earliest, best, most delicious Tomatoes of your gardening career? We’ve got just what you need to protect your young plants from frost and chills, keep them growing their best, and save water and weeding time into the bargain! This collection is a $33.35 Value! Here’s what you get in this money-saving collection: This collection is comprised of 4 components. Kozy Coats 9260. Kozy Coats – Grow bigger, stronger, healthier, more productive Tomato plants with this simple device! The red plastic teepee contains 18 open tubes that you fill with water. The water holds up the teepee around your plant, the water heats in the sun, and the whole device acts as an insulator and mini-heater for your young plants! Not only do you get a precious several degrees of additional frost protection, but the red tint stimulates plants to grow quicker and stockier — no more leggy Tomatoes! Works w

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Gardening basics for maximum results for your Southern garden. Step-by-step instructions on choosing and caring for more than 150 low-maintenance plants and shrubs. The Tough Plants series from Cool Springs Press is aimed at the gardener who wants plants they can forget about! Low-care, no-care, tried-and-true winners?they’re all here. Each tough plant is shown with a full color photo and a brief description of its main features; readers won’t find a lot of horticulture instruction in these books because these plants simply don’t need that much attention! “Kinda Tricky” and “Best for Beginners” lists help match the plants to the reader’s experience level.Published by Cool Springs Press.

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Grow Big, Healthy Plants and Rooted Cuttings! The grooved growing cells train roots down and out from the plant, preventing spiraling. And you can detach one wall and check the progress of your plants’ growth! For big, healthy, well-rooted plants from seed or cuttings, look no further than the Root Trainer! And it’s so much fun — with this rooting system, you can actually watch the progress of your plants anytime you want just by opening one side of the 4-celled unit! If you grow much of your garden from seed or cuttings, or grow large seed that do not fit in small-plug seed starting units, this is the tray you want!Each cell of this 32-cell tray is 1 1/2 inches square and 5 inches deep — that’s enough room to let you really get started on a substantial root system before transplanting into the garden or container! Just fill each cell with your choice of potting medium, water in, plant your seed or rooted cutting, and wait. The cells of Root Trainer are grooved, encouraging roots to grow straight down and a

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Looks So Formal, Grows So Easily! Perfect for hanging baskets! Freewheeling Dichondra has just gone a bit more formal with this beautiful new addition to the Falls series of foliage plants. Instead of a loosely trailing habit, Emerald Falls is full and very trim, with deep green leaves and a dense, symmetrical habit that looks like you just clipped it back! If you’re looking for a “go-anywhere” sun-loving foliage plant, Emerald Falls is the variety you MUST try!Vigorous and easy to grow, this Dichondra boasts thick, super-soft deep green leaves (about an inch wide) arising profusely on very well-branched plants that need no pinching. Emerald Beauty will cascade about 1 to 2 feet from your baskets, windowboxes, or other containers, but it will also form a nicely domed shape that fills the available space beautifully!Very heat- and drought-tolerant, Emerald Falls recovers quickly even if wilted, and looks fresh all season long. Try it in a large container behind super-cascading Silver Falls, or among trailing f

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