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The best way to be sure your plant is getting just the right amount of water is to wait until the soil is dry on the top and still a bit moist toward the bottom. Then water the plant until the soil is saturated. Drain off any excess water that accumulates on the bottom. Then do not water again until the top half of the soil feels dry to the touch again. ::Well-drained soil is very important. A high quality cactus mix is great. If you can’t find any that is made for cactus you can mix two parts regular potting soil with one part coarse sand. ::In order to insure your plant will bloom in time for Christmas, you will need to give the plant a rest period. Cut back on the watering leaving the soil only partly moist. Allow at least 14 hours of total darkness for the plant at night and sun during the day, until the buds begin to form. Start the dark period in early September. Once the buds form they can take from 10 to 12 weeks to fully bloom. After the Christmas cactus is done blooming you can prune it to incourage new growth. You’ll also find that the plant will bloom better next year if it is trimmed. ::As new growth appears in the spring, put a diluted solution of liquid houseplant fertilizer 2 to 3 weeks after the start of the new growth. The cactus should be repotted every 2 to 3 years depending on how depleted the soil is. Repotting should be done in the spring. ::The plant you will receive is growing in a 4 inch pot. There are 3-6 plants per pot. With proper care the plants will bloom for Christmas.

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Polygonatum falcatum ‘Striatum’ ;:Family: Liliaceae ;:Origin: The species is native to Japan and Korea.::Arching stems with dark-green leaves marked with pale-green and white streaks. White Flowers.::Shade to partial shade in moist, woodland type soil. Shady borders or woodland gardens, among trees and shrubs.

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Young Musicians Foundation has provided encouragement and recognition to gifted young musicians from around the country through financial assistance, performance opportunities, and music education programs. Now you can support YMF through the purchase of the Griffin Rose Bouquet which consists of one dozen long lasting orange and yellow roses. The roses are dedicated to Merv Griffin, Chairman of the Board of YMF, for his support of gifted young musicians. With each purchase we will donate 5% to the Foundation.*Vase not included. An optional vase is available at checkout.

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Plant stands from the Federal period (1790-1820) are rare today. Ours is definitely authentic. It is in a private collection, where the owners use it as a nature table for found rocks and shells. Note the beautifully beaded molding around all edges. Shown painted green, like the original. Our furniture kits include all necessary glue, screws, hardware, sandpaper, and assembly instructions. Kit comes without stain or paint. Eastern white pine, with a Baltic birch plywood bottom panel. Overall height 31″. Height from base to top edge is 6 1/2″. Outer dimensions are 33″ x 17 1/4″.

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Sansevierias or as they are commonly called Snake Plants or Mother-in-law’s Tongue have a rich history of folklore and new science. These plants have a rich history of cultivation. In China, it was kept as a treasured houseplant because the Eight Gods bestowed their eight virtues on those who grew them. These virtues include long life, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, poetry, health and strength. The plants were kept near the entrances inside the home so that the eight virtues could pass through in a manner pre-Feng Shui. These plants also were placed in fine restaurants, herbalists, acupuncturists, doctor’s offices, accountant’s offices, banks, shrines, monastaries, and even in rice paddies. Sansevierias were grown and cherished well before the Chinese ti plant (Dracaena spp.) also known as the Good Luck Bamboo! :The sansevieria is also referred to as a dragon for its many unique qualities. As with many Asian martial arts techniques, the strength comes from within. The sansevieria has been known to split large earthen pots upon reaching larger sizes. The Chinese have usually kept this plant potted in a pot within a ceramic pot often ornated with dragons and phoenixes. The attraction of this plant towards dragons is said to be magnetic. :An interesting research program has been done by NASA using a few selected plants (one is Sansevieria) for air purification and to curb “Sick Building Syndrome.” ::Growing the Snake Plant is easy. It will thrive in very bright light to almost dark corners of the house. Just water when the soil is dry.

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The natural beauty of Lily of the Valley is timeless, and now even more” so with this very rare pink form. Its miniature woodland bells in subtle rosy-pink emanate a cool, smooth fragrance – a real feast for the senses. Thrives in shady areas, under trees and shrubs, or simply in beds and borders and spread rapidly to replicate a carpet of delicate pink foliage. Wonderful for naturalising in drifts and enchanting as a cut flower. ::They may be grown in sun or shade and make an excellent ground cover in sun or shade. This versatile plant will grow in almost any soil, but does best in a rich, moist soil. A planting benefits from an topdressing consisting of compost, leaf mold or well rotted manure plus a complete fertilizer. Once the plants are established, just leave them alone. Propagation is by rhizome division in early spring or fall. Pips are large buds on the end of the rhizomes and their tips should be planted one inch below the soil surface.

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Just like its dry counterpart General Hydroponics Liquid KoolBloom is a highly concentrated additive that promotes abundant flowering and helps facilitate ripening in annual and perennial flowers and herbs. Liquid KoolBloom is designed to be used during the reproductive cycle and will result in larger, heavier fruits and flowers. Liquid KoolBloom also enhances the production of essential oils and fragrances in flowers, culinary, and medicinal herbs.

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Always in demand. Sacred cactus of the Inca kings. 20′ columnar cactus with many ribs & short stiff spines. Produces large fragrant white flowers – 9″ wide. ::One of the most ancient magical plants of South America, this sacred cactus has a long history of use dating back to the pre-Columbian populations who lived among the high northern Andean mountain valleys. We see evidence of its use detailed in weavings and ceramic pottery among the Chavin, Nazca, Moch, Chimu and Inca. A Chavin stone carving circa 1300-400 b.c. depicts a figure holding this species. To this day it is the centerpiece of a magico-religious healing group from the Huancabamba valley, Peru who employ it as an ally during curing ceremonies.

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The Variegated Hindu Rope Plant is an exotic house plant native to the far east. It is rather easy to grow and can reach lengths of over 8 feet! The plant is easy to grow. It does best in a filtered light window and watered when dry. The plant prefers to be pot bound. :The plant has thick, convoluted, green, pink, and white leaves, arranged on trailing, twisted stems. Small, white, waxy flowers have red centers and are very fragrant. It is related to the Wax Plant.

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Tour 28 Private Gardens (without leaving your living room!)Winner of awards for both the writing and the photography. Now in paperback, this classic book invites gardeners into some of America’s most fascinating private gardens. Through over 400 color photographs of 28 gardens across the country, Ken Druse shows how gardeners can “collect” plants for their pleasure, without sacrificing their devotion to the natural garden or abandoning good design.Listings of plant sources, societies, and organizations have been updated for this edition. The Collector’s Garden is the recipient of the Garden Writers Association Quill & Trowel Award for Best Photography (Book), and The American Horticultural Society’s Annual Book Award. Be sure to add this modern classic to your gardening library today! Softcover; 256 pages; 400+ color photographs.

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