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Informal bonsai with shiny dark green leaves which are thicker than the standard ficus leaf but thinner than a Jade leaf. Develops a thick trunk and aerial roots at a relatively early age. Very easy indoor care. The Oriental Ficus is one of the best of the ficus for indoor and tropical bonsai. It is tough, durable and responds well to normal house plant care.

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Common name: “Clustered Mini Star Plant”:Latin name: Haworthia species :Native to: South Africa:Growth habit: Clump forming succulent 1″ to 2″ in height and width.:Flowers: Yes, small white :Temps: Normal indoor temps:Humidity: Not critical.:Pests: Not usually effected by many pests :Cultural information: “Clustered Mini Star Plant” is one of my favorite plants. Their really easy to grow. They don’t require much in the way of care… or window space. Their the perfect low maintenance plant for the busy person. ::Place your “Clustered Mini Star Plant” is a sunny window… preferably a south facing window. Water it once every three weeks. Feed it 3 or 4 times per year… and your “Clustered Mini Star Plant” will be very happy. As the plant matures, offshoots may appear around the base of the plant. Occasionally the plant will send a long thin flower spike from the center of the plant.::The plant you will receive is similar to the one pictured to the left growing in 3″ pot, well rooted and about 1″ tall. Great house plant!

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FLORA SERIES IS THE MOST WIDELY USED HYDROPONIC FERTILIZER IN THE WORLD BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST!:: GH Flora Series is the original Building-Block Nutrient System imitated but never duplicated.: Contains complete Primary, Secondary and Micro Nutrients for enhanced yields and better crop quality.: Users can adjust mixtures to suit specific plant needs.: Enhances flavor, nutrition, aroma and essential oils in both hydroponic and soil cultivated plants.: Contains highly purified concentrates for maximum solubility.: pH balanced for ease of use.: NASA and Antarctic research scientists choose Flora Series — because of its superior formulation and reliability.: The General Hydroponics Flora Series is known throughout the world as the industry standard.

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HB IVES” CEILING HOOK ::.273″ wire dia. 1-1/2″ threaded :4-9/16″ overall :Thread dia.: 11/32″ :Hook I.D.: 1″ :Hook opening: 7/8″ :Load limit 160 lbs. :Zinc plated steel :Bulk

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Heart-leaf Bergenia (Bergenia cordifolia purpurescens) :Tall flower stalks sway above 6-inch foliage. An Evergreen Ground Cover for any Location — from Full Shade to Bright Sun! Vivid pink flowers in spring! An easy and appealing plant! So much beauty for so little effort! Vigorous and low-growing, the Heart-Leaf Bergenia forms neat mounds of leathery, burgandy foliage that grows just 6 inches high. Evergreen in any exposure from blazing sun to deep shade, this Heart-leaf Bergenia is ideal for ground cover or for the perennial bed. And as if this weren’t enough, each spring, tall 18 to 24-inch bloomstalks arise, covered with bright pink flowers! The blooms are sprightly and richly colored, crowding up and down the upper length of the stalk very thickly. Magnificent! Trouble-free and handsome year round, Heart-Leaf Bergenia is a “must-have” for most every garden! Hardy zones 3-8 (10 on the west coast).

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*FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING ON ANY ADDITIONAL PACKS OF SEEDMART SEEDS PURCHASED WITHIN 7 DAYS and PAID WITH ONE PAYMENT!:::Similar to barrel cacti when young but from their crown a large tuft of bristles will emerge in time. Produces small pink flowers and edible fruits. Melocactus includes about 50 species. They grow wild in the stony highlands of Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, Peru and Northern Brazil. Melocactus grows in dry areas where rainwater quickly disappears and moist air from the sea provides the necessary humidity. :Blooming time: Melocactus is as round as a ball with many strong, thorny ribs. The plant is not mature enough to flower until it is 6 to 10 years old. At this stage its appearance changes. An orange or reddish hairy outgrowth called a cephalium develops at the top of the cactus. Small reddish, self pollinating flowers grow at the top of the cephalium. When flowering is over, red or white berries appear. :Culture: Melocactus needs a well drained, very light and porous soil so water won’t remain around the roots and block the flow of air through the soil. Soil should be made of equal parts cactus soil and pumice, with pot fragments in the bottom of the pot for drainage. Melocactus grows from April to October. It needs plenty of light and more heat than other cacti. Water regularly, but allow the soil to dry quite a bit before watering again. Melocactus rests from October to April. During this time water sparingly. Keep the soil on the dry side, but make sure the roots never dry out. This calls for great care when watering. Do not feed in winter.

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A current classic in vintage style! Pure white petals glisten and sparkle, set off by a light green throat. Paired with an elegant flared metal pot, with embellished bronze-tone ball-feet and edge trim, featuring magnolia and rose blooms. White Christmas is the gold standard for white amaryllis. This specially conditioned Kings Court amaryllis flowers an average of 30-40 days from planting. Expect multiple flower stalks with 4 to 6 blooms on each.

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Botanical name Cycas Revoluta) Some people think it’s a pineapple! Truly a great bonsai tree, it has been said that it has outlasted the dinosaurs. Because of its large range of growing conditions, it is truly a tree for any well lighted room in the house or garden.Shipping note:Each tree is carefully packed with bubble wrap and popcorn to insure safety and protection during shipping. Ice is placed into the container to assure moisture. Each tree is shipped insured and guaranteed to arrive in great health.

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Large, round, flattened. Reddish orange skin. Good eating. Non astringent. (This means you can eat it fresh, right off the tree and not have to wait for it to ripen to a soft consistency.) Bears as a young tree and is a heavy producer. Does not have male flowers so it will not have seeds unless planted with other varieties. Ripens November.

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