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Pumice is a good additive to your soil mix for bonsai, cactus and succulents. Pumice helps to make the mixture hold more air (best for root health) and retains an appropreiate amount of water as well as drainage needed for all three types of potted plants. I have pumice available in one quart and one gallon size. You can combine this with other purchases to save on shipping, just e-mail me with your zip for your particular needs and I will calcuate shipping costs for you. This listing is for the one gallon size, see my other listings in my store for the one quart size. Shipping for this size is by USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail of $8.95. You can get 2 – one gallon bags in a Flat Rate box to save on shipping. This means you can combine with Akadama or Kanuma or even other items that will fit with it.

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