Dahlia Fireworks – Park Seed Dahlia

Dahlia Fireworks - Park Seed Dahlia - Buy Dahlia Fireworks - Park Seed Dahlia - Purchase Dahlia Fireworks - Park Seed Dahlia (Park Seed, Home & Garden,Categories,Patio Lawn & Garden,Plants & Planting,Outdoor Plants,by Moisture Needs,Regular Watering)
Dahlia Fireworks – Park Seed Dahlia
Striped, Streaked, and SO Economical from Seed! Grow all the big exotic Dahlias you like from these seeds — they’ll form a bulb you can dig up in fall and replant for seasons to come! What a dilemma — to cut or not to cut these magnificent striped, streaked, firecracker-bright blooms? Hmm . . . well, at less than 30 cents a plant, you might just want to buy a few more seed packets and grow enough for the cutting garden AND the annual bed! The boldest, merriest blend of colors and patterns yet, Fireworks is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of all your visitors and perk up the dining room and patio tables, too!If you love Dahlias in the vase, these strong-stemmed flowers will delight you. They hold well after cutting, keeping those vibrant tones and wide-eyed shape beautifully. And while you will pay several dollars for a Dahlia bulb boasting similar flowers, Fireworks is economical and so easy to grow from seed! It even obliges you by growing its own bulb the first season, so you dig up a nice tuber
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