Dutch Master Folitech Grow – 34oz.

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Dutch Master Folitech Grow – 34oz.
Folitech Grow & Flower are 2 unique foliar sprays designed to enhance your plants ability to support & produce a larger number of flowers. Folitech is a 2 stage product with vegetative & flowering formulations which are designed to be used at the appropriate stage of the plants development. The underlying technology in both Folitech formulations is the unique Phospholipid technology developed by Dutch Masters renowned R&D team. These unique, organic & totally safe compounds are designed to enhance nutrient sensitivity & ultilization which can help the way a plant grows or develops. These Phospholipids are high energy lipid (oil or fat) compounds that can help increase a plants overall energy output & help with the utilization of mineral elements by the plant which can play a role in increasing the development or growth of the plant during the vegetative & flowering process.
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