Nitrozime 8 oz.

Nitrozime 8 oz. - Buy Nitrozime 8 oz. - Purchase Nitrozime 8 oz. (Nitrozime, Home & Garden,Categories,Patio Lawn & Garden,Plants & Planting,Soils Fertilizers & Mulches,Fertilizers,Liquid)
Nitrozime 8 oz.
Formerly known as CytoSpray, Nitrozime is the same great product with a face-lift. Nitrozime is a concentrate made of a kelp called Ascophyllum nodosum. A. nodosum is a kelp from the North Atlantic and is widely used with plants because of its high content of naturally occurring plant hormones such as cytokinins, auxins, giberellins, and ethylene, to name a few. Nitrozime stimulates whatever stage of growth plants are in, so timing of application is important. Can be used in the watering solution or as a foliar feed.
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